Blizzard continues

Locals provide AR team with much needed knowledge of the land and sea ice conditions between Naujaat and Gjoa Haven. photo: Garry Tutte/Arctic Return

Still camped on the sea-ice outside the community. We got to bed early, the plan being to get a quick start first thing in the morning but the winds failed to taper off.  Blizzard conditions continued to prevail in Naujaat. Town services were essentially shutdown in the storm though the stores fortunately did stay open. The team made the decision not to travel in white-out conditions today.

We did manage to make good use of this time though, making more contacts in the hamlet and talking to a couple of local men about trails, ice conditions and what they thought the weather might do. All in all not the busiest of days you might say, but productive nevertheless, in that we had one last chance to talk to more people and gain additional local knowledge of the area and routes etc. before heading out.  Thank you Inns North, for the excellent hospitality you extended while we were here. Very appreciated.