Good fortune shines

Last night (Wednesday), on a beautifully calm and crystal clear evening we made our camp on Miles Lake. The location and conditions made for an excellent campsite.

After a good night’s sleep we set out this morning, on skis, to continue our Miles Lake crossing. Conditions were perfect. The temperature approximately -20C — a calm, bright and sunny day, with very little wind. Skiing with purpose, we warmed up quickly, and by mid-day, we all had stripped down to base layers and wind-proofs only – so aptly described as a, ‘…hat off and shades on, day!’  by Richard. 

Spectacular scenery today! All the way heading up toward Saputiit Lake and from there on to the location of  tonight’s planned camp at the mouth of the Curtis River. 

Very fortunate tonight. During our ski today, in the distance we saw what looked to be a tiny hut, and in fact this is where we are camped tonight -in  a new, beautifully built, wooden hut, no less. Great to have all our gear spread out — we’re now trying to dry some of it . Really looking forward to a good night sleeping posh for a change; no messing around setting up and taking down the tent in the morning and all that.  [CHORUS Frank] Cabin living is …easy’!

Oddly, Frank is walking about every day in his flip-flops.’ Sorry. Frank calls them his ‘arctic slippers’. Over the last few days he has taken to cutting away parts of the insular lining of his boots due to nagging pressure points that are causing him discomfort. And tonight, he has actually resorted to cutting away a section of his outer boot, in still one more search to find a remedy. David and I do find that all quite comical.’

Tomorrow our plan is to head on to Salt Lake and from there, on to Ross Inlet at the southern end of Committee Bay.  We’ve been advised that there is polar bear activity there, so tomorrow night it’s likely that we’ll decide to install a ‘bear fence’ at our camp as a precaution.

Made 22 kilometres in total. Truly, a wonderful day’s travel!  [Richard, David and Frank]