Mixed conditions and a change of gear…

Currently, we’re situated in the middle of an area geographically identified as the Christie Lake system of Nunavut.

[Camped here out on the frozen landscape of this vast and remarkable region of the Arctic we are especially cognizant that we are in travelling in Nunavut (Our Land). It was on this day, 20 years ago, that Inuit gained formal stewardship over a large part of the territory that Rae travelled in the mid-19th Century. Congratulations and thank you, Nunavut!]

Overall —a good strong day for us. Advanced roughly 20 kilometres, over mixed surface characteristics. Interestingly, some of the North/South rivers here have what can best be described as large windswept lakes of glare ice. These called for a change of gear. We switched from our skis to ‘microspikes’, which made travelling a lot easier. Many thanks to our sponsor, Tiso of Scotland, who supplied the Arctic Return team with them. Had we not had them (microspikes) with us in our kit, travel today would have been extremely difficult. Our skis simply were not up to the task of navigating the ice.

Not Insignificant Personal Observations: Routines are coming together much more quickly now, The tent is up in two minutes, the stove’s on, the hot water’s on etc., all in a blink. Our (now) team of three is sleeping in one tent. It’s great. Makes it a little bit warmer. Apparently, ‘great apart from David’s snoring!’ (Richard said that!).  Well, ‘Richard enjoyed another day of two dinners. Two dinners, plus, actually!  Every time Frank and I turn around he is eating again!’ (David) ‘We’re thinking this could possibly be a misguided effort to lighten his sled.’ (David and Frank) 

Faced a moderately stiff ‘on the nose’ wind coming out of the North at roughly 15 to 25 kp/h today. The forecast of fair weather predicted next couple of days going forward. That’s great!