On The Sea-ice

Our camp on the sea-ice next to Naujaat. With winds blowing at 50-70km/hr, the hamlet was shutdown due to the blizzard conditions. Photo: Garry Tutte/Arctic Return


Hello All. An Arctic blizzard has blown up, pushing sustained winds of 50-60 km/h, gusting to 70 km/h. We’re camped out on the sea-ice just outside of Naujaat and the team is hunkered down waiting for the weather to break – at this point in time anticipating that to be Saturday.

We set up in the dark in the blizzard last night; a ‘jumping into the deep end’ if you will, but a good exercise under extreme conditions and an opportunity to do some fine tuning to kit and systems while the ground blizzard keeps us put.

Tents held up well overnight. Sending a ‘thumbs up’ note of appreciation to Canada Goose. We have our down-filled pants and Skreslet parkas on and we couldn’t be warmer! Thank you Canada Goose!!

All’s Well! ¬†[David, Garry, Richard and Frank]

Current weather conditions Naujaat at time of posting: Temp-26C  Windchill -45C  Winds N58 km/h