The Arctic Return is more than just an expedition, it’s a teaching tool for educators, it’s a documentary by an award winning filmmaker, an inspiring visual book by a revered author, it’s unprecedented real-time social media content live from the Arctic, a fundraising and awareness campaign for the Hall of Clestrain. It’s an incredible journey that will engage, educate and transform audiences and their perceptions of the Arctic. BUT, it would be nothing if not for the support of our amazing partners. We want you involved! Contact us to discuss opportunities on how you, your company or your brand can help the Arctic Return Expedition honour the past and the people and places of the North.

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Andrew Appleby, Robert Bashford, Leonard Smith, Deb Williams, Sheena Fraser McGoogan, Ella Blondin, Ginette Vachon, Pierre Richard, Peter Locke, Rick Stanley, Angus Burn, Bill Evans, Adventure Canada, Andrew MacAoidh Jergens, Tom Koelbel, Johanna Hickey, Linda Virma, Gillian Roberts, Fred Doris, Mary Warner, Jim Bertram, Judy Mordy, Katherine Cartwright, Brian Hanson, Judy Acres, Ian Tamblyn, Bob & Kathy Martin, Shelley Chochinov, Dennis Minty, Everen Brown, Cedar Swan, A. Sanders, Beverly Furlong, Marion Woodfield, Heather Beecroft, Ashley Savard, Susie Evyagotailak, Craig Minielly, Kenneth & Laura Lattimore, Garrick Ng, Marilyn Reid, Hammy Hill, Hamnett Hill, Gaye Beckwith, Dan Pearlman, Mike Beedell, Richard Miller, Jon & Karen Dudley, Hope & Jim Marchbank, Jane & Mike Macnabb, Margaret Rorie, Jane Thomson, Ruth Oliver, John & Janet Read, Sarah Welchel, Michael Cane, Dusty & Judy Dersch, Steve Koerner, Patricia Garwasiak, Andrew Appleby, Gabriel Shelley, Jane Hamilton, Mike & Sarah Oldham, Mark Stewart, Don & Diana Robertson, Holly Cartwright, Mary Davey, Helen Davis, Howard Eckler, Maureen Jennings, Ann Wright, Lynne & Kirk Blake Dickson, Jimmy & Debbie Lunney, Patricia Godfrey, Brad Green (World Of Maps) Maurice Wilkie, John Andrews, Kathryn Lee, Ernie Mikos, Judy Eddy, Kathleen McLeod, Lisa Evagelou, Glenne Stewart, James DeWolf,  Walter DiMattia, David Ferguson, T. Schillemore and Donald M MacDonald.

sponsor, support and be part of the arctic return project. please visit the gofundme page for more information. thank you!


A donation of $25.00 (CDN)

Through GoFundMe will receive a limited edition commemorative Arctic Return pin. (Price includes S & H)

A donation of $50.00 (CDN)

Through GoFundMe will receive an Arctic Return Expedition t-shirt.
(Price includes S & H)

A donation of $100.00 (CDN)

Will receive an expedition t-shirt and an Arctic Return Expedition ball cap.
(Price includes S & H)

Arctic Return Expedition Pins

Arctic Return Expedition T-shirts

Arctic Return Expedition ballcaps

Arctic Return Expedition ballcaps